How to create thick mega volume lashes - A step by step guide

How to create thick mega volume lashes - A step by step guide

Hi babes and welcome to this step by step guide where I‘lll walk you through the process of creating a thick mega volume lash set, just like the one in this picture!

In this guide, we'll discuss the differences between lash diameters, the importance of high-quality tweezers, and how to adapt to the natural lashes of each individual. Get ready to level up your lash game and create iNanette mega volume lashes!

Step 1: Understanding Lash Diameters - 0.05 vs. 0.03: Lash diameters play a crucial role in creating mega volume lashes. Generally, mega volume lashes are achieved using thinner diameters, typically 0.05 or 0.03. The choice between these two diameters depends on the desired level of thickness and the client's natural lashes.

  • 0.05 Lashes: These are a great starting point for creating mega volume lashes. They offer a balance between thickness and weight, suitable for clients with average to strong natural lashes. They provide a voluminous effect without overwhelming the natural lashes.

  • 0.03 Lashes: If your client has thin or weak natural lashes, opting for 0.03 lashes can be a better choice. They are even lighter and allow for a more dramatic and voluminous look without causing strain on the natural lashes. However, be cautious when using them on clients with strong natural lashes, as they may not provide the desired thickness.

Volume lash fan

Step 2: Selecting High-Quality Tweezers: Tweezers are an essential tool for lash artists, especially when working on mega volume lash sets. High-quality tweezers with precise tips are vital for gripping and picking up multiple lashes at once. Here are a few key considerations when selecting tweezers:

  • Material: Look for tweezers made of high-quality stainless steel as they offer durability and a better grip.

  • Shape: Consider the shape of the tweezer tips. L-shaped or boot-shaped tweezers with a slight curve can provide better control and grip on the lashes.

  • Tip Size: Ensure the tweezer tips are thin and precisely aligned, allowing you to grasp individual lashes easily and create fans without damaging them.

Step 3: Adapting to the Natural Lashes: Mega volume lash sets should complement the client's natural lashes while providing a thick and dramatic look. Here are some tips to adapt to different lash types:

  • Length: Assess the natural lash length and choose extensions that are longer to create the desired length and volume. However, avoid going too long as it can cause strain on the natural lashes.

  • Curl: Match the curl of the extensions to the client's natural lashes for a seamless blend. Keep in mind that a higher curl can give a more lifted effect, while a softer curl provides a natural look.

  • Density: Adjust the number of lashes applied to each natural lash according to its strength and thickness. Stronger natural lashes can withstand more volume, while weaker lashes may require fewer extensions to maintain lash health.

Step 4: Application Technique: When applying mega volume lashes, it's essential to master the fan-making technique. Here's a brief overview:

  • Create Fans: Using your high-quality tweezers, pick up multiple lashes from the strip or tray and carefully pinch the bases together, creating a fan. Practice different techniques, such as the pinch method or the roll method, to find the one that suits you best.

  • Adhesive Application: Dip the base of the fan into an adhesive drop, ensuring it is evenly coated without excess glue. Place the fan onto the natural lash, making sure it attaches firmly and comfortably.

  • Clean Isolation: Leave a small gap between each fan to ensure the natural lashes can grow and shed without interference.

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